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Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0

Winzip 8.1

So far the most famous compression utility.


Tired of search engines? Want something more immediate and a little more useful? Then try this. Just hold down the [Alt] key and click on a word and GuruNet will run a quick search for you. As well as the usual search of Web sites it gives you a word definition from a dictionary, there's a Thesaurus, translations and more.

Like a lot of Internet software its geared towards America so some of the results and definitions have an American flavour. This aside it's jolly useful and you can use it on any word in any window too. Free For Personal Use

Win 2 PDF

Win2PDF installs as a printer under Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP. Creating a PDF file is as simple as selecting the "print" command from any application.


Post-it notes without the glue

ATnotes is a Freeware program which creates Post-it like notes on the Windows desktop. The user interface is provided through an icon in the taskbar and supports english and german language, which is set automatically according to the system default language.

Access Folders 1.5
Gain fast access to common folders using Access Folders

Access Folders is a Windows add-on that integrates fully with the Save As and Open dialogue boxes of all your programs. Using this program you no longer have to drill down through several folders to save or open files from a particular location. If there are folders you use most often you can create 'bookmarks' to allow you to reach them faster.

To add your favourite folders to Access Folders' list, select the Add Folder option from the right click menu of the system tray icon. You can then use the familiar Explorer-style system to select your folders one at a time. To access these folders in the future, simply right click on the question mark icon that appears in all Save As/Open Dialogue boxes and select your desired folder from the menu that appears.

EasyCrypto Deluxe

EasyCrypto Deluxe is a powerful file encryption program which can ensure the safety of your private documents. You can encrypt both standalone files and entire folders. The high level of security is ensured by using the well-known unbeatable 128-bit key BlowFish algorithm.

You can build self-extracting encrypted and compressed archives and send them to others. The only thing a recipient needs to extract the encrypted files is the correct password. The decrypting and decompressing engine is encapsulated inside the archive. When you turn on the box "Send To Mail Recipient", EasyCrypto will start and automatically add the archive to the message.

You can encrypt and decrypt your files or folders right from Windows Explorer. To do this, just select the files or folders you want to process, make a right mouse button click and select the type of processing (Decrypt or Encrypt) from the Explorer's pop-up menu.

Letter Assigner

Everybody who at least once connected a second hard disk drive to a computer or repartitioned a hard disk, knows how many problems may arise because of the non-customizable letter assignment performed by the operating system.

Letter Assigner allows to assign in the system ( with a few non-significant exceptions ). It gives the users of Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows Millennium Edition, the freedom to choose drive letters.

Letter Assigner remebers drives by their serial numbers or by the labels, which provides protection against letter changes after repartitioning or connecting new drives. It also prevents non-bootable situations that may occur when Windows directory is located on a drive other than C, and the drive changes its letter. ( It contains special mechanism for this purpose, including automatic correction of the files "msdos.sys", "winboot.ini", "config.sys" ).


WS_FTP Lite is a file transfer application that is used to transfer files between your local PC and a remote FTP server. With WS_FTP Lite, you can connect to any FTP server and transfer files in either direction (upload or download). It is the perfect way to upload web pages, images, streaming media, MP3, and other file types files via the Internet.

Tiny Personal Firewall

Tiny Personal Firewall represents smart, easy-to-use personal security technology that fully protects personal computers against hackers. Built on ICSA-certified security technology, it is also an integral part of The Tiny Software Centrally Managed Desktop Security (CMDS) system selected by the US Air Force for its approximately 500,000 desktop computers.

Zone Alarm
ZoneAlarm is a personal firewall that automatically blocks known and unknown Internet threats, barricading your PC against hackers and data thieves. It's easy to install and use, and comes with a year of free, automated product updates. Why risk it? Get protected.


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