La fête de l’indépendance - Independence Day
Jan 16, 2007, 1:19pm

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A l’occasion de l’Indépendance du Liban, nos élèves de la Maternelle et du Cours Elémentaire à Ain Aar ont célébré la fête! Chaque classe a participé à sa façon : poèmes, chants, danse, histoire du Liban, traditions de notre pays… Une assemblée inoubliable!

Independence Day
The Grade 1 Ras Beirut children celebrated Independence Day by enjoying the music of the National Security Band and using the collage technique to decorate flag having written about their personal reflections on Independence Day. As part of the inquiry process in the PYP planner ‘Who We Are’, the children wrote about Lebanon using their five senses: smelling, touching, tasting and hearing and seeing. Can you imagine a Lebanon that “looks like a jewel that glows at night, smells like a baby after a bath, feels like cotton candy, tastes like the sweetest candy and sounds like the most beautiful music”? Our children can!

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